Monday, August 25, 2014

Life As We Know It

Well, here we go again. Tomorrow, Adam should more than likely be signing another contract with the Army. It will only be 2 years from tomorrow. He reached out to NJSP and they told him the hiring process is long and with him being Active Duty, they would more than likely not pick him up for this next academy. However, they would pick him up and keep him active until he is out of the Army for a following academy. So, we figure, this two years gives to figure it all out. It allows him to hopefully get through the hiring process without the stress of what ifs and how will we support the kids. We can plan more and prepare more. It's not what I had hoped for, but it is what it is. I am finding the positives in the whole thing. Hopefully we will stay here and won't have to move. The girls would have major stability. Allie would be in this school through third grade, which means she would have completed k-3 here. Emily will be here for Kindergarten too. We have never lived in a home as long as we have lived here. That would put us in this house for 4 years. Previously, the longest we have ever lived in a house was 14 months. So not moving is nice! Pray for us that it all works the way we need it to!